That Wasn’t a Microdose Capsules – Golden Teachers 400’s




Take off on a journey of self-discovery with Golden Teacher, offering a profound experience encapsulated for convenience.


Our Golden Teacher 400mg capsules, featuring one of the most cherished strains of psychedelic mushrooms.


Designed for beginners, this strain offers a moderate potency, ensuring a shorter 2-4 hour trip duration.


Users frequently describe a tangible sense of intelligence, heart-centered warmth, and love, fostering a balanced expansion of consciousness and euphoric enjoyment.


At higher doses, seasoned users may attain enlightenment and transcendence.

Embark on a Psychedelic Journey with “That Wasn’t a Microdose” Golden Teacher 400mg Capsules!


Discover the profound potency of Golden Teacher mushrooms encapsulated in our meticulously measured 400mg capsules, thoughtfully curated in sets of 20 for a seamless and enjoyable expedition. Our pre-measured solution ensures that your psychedelic experience is not only accessible but also a full-scale odyssey into self-discovery.


Golden Brilliance: Unleash the wisdom of the Golden Teacher strain, carefully encapsulated to provide a comprehensive psychedelic adventure. This isn’t merely a microdose; it’s a profound exploration into the realms of self-awareness.


Euphoria and Harmony: Golden Teacher is renowned for orchestrating spiritual and joyous sensations. Prepare for a journey filled with euphoria, vibrant visuals, and an enhanced perception of the world around you.


Transformative Effects: Brace yourself for an array of mind-altering experiences—from intensified psychedelia and profound visuals to surges of euphoria and an invigorating energy boost. These capsules promise an introspective journey, a gentle body buzz, and vivid auditory and visual hallucinations.


Unleash the Fun: Golden Teacher isn’t just about profound insights; it’s about letting loose and having a good time. Anticipate uncontrollable laughter, synesthetic encounters, vibrant visuals, and an overwhelming sense of connectedness.


CAUTION: Contains Psilocybin Mushrooms. Keep away from children and pets.


DIRECTIONS: Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for effects to develop before considering another dose. Check for medication interactions. Effects last 2-6 hours, with initial sensations felt in 15-20 minutes.


Please note: All sales are final. Embrace your journey mindfully. Immerse yourself in the magic of “That Wasn’t a Microdose” Golden Teacher 400mg Capsules today!

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